Hello, I’m Bronwyn. With my husband and Dorkie (Dachshund-Yorkie) along for the ride, I’m moving through the unchartered territory of parenting 21st century teens. In addition to helping my own fourteen-year-old daughter and seventeen-year-old son prepare for adulthood, I’m also a part-time vocational teacher in an alternative school environment and yes, a writer too.  

Feel free to check out the human interest articles I’ve written about individuals pouring themselves into work they love. You’ll also find a story highlighting my own experience of growing up off-the-grid as well as articles on how those experiences have influenced my parenting.  

In addition to freelancing, I have been a certified teacher for over 20 years. After beginning my teaching career within a private classical school, a move to a town located near the Colville reservation enabled me to teach a population largely made up of Native American descent. These two very different teaching experiences remain pivotal in shaping my understanding of the diverse needs of students in today’s society.

Accepting my current teaching position led me on a path to recently earning a Master of Arts degree with a focus on social emotional learning. This work has equipped me to write about:

  • career readiness
  • college preparation
  • transition from youth to adulthood 
  • disabilities, especially those which might go undetected in students-- such as high functioning autism or ADHD
  • giftedness, and how it can often be hidden in students posing as underachievers 
  • resiliency among those who have experienced trauma.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my experience. In case you wondered, I am currently accepting writing assignments! Please note that I’m willing to research and write about a wide variety of topics. Email me at bronwynworthington@gmail.com to talk about your writing needs or simply to say hello.